How To Choose Rabbit Food And Sweet Treats

For those who keep rabbits as pets, it is important to note that the animals require and enjoy a good meal just like any of us. Rabbits’ digestive systems are peculiar meaning that their feeding requirements are very specific. Improper feeding of the pets can result in them falling sick or even losing their lives. You should therefore endeavor to know the foods that should be fed to the animals and ones to avoid.

One of the foods that should never miss on your rabbit’s menu is the Rabbit Hay. The hay should be fresh and for fully grown pets you can consider feeding them timothy, grass and oat hays while the younger ones should be given alfalfa. The reason that makes the alfalfa unsuitable for adult rabbits is owing to the high content of protein and sugar. One of the health benefits of hay is that it facilitates effective digestion as it contains vital fiber and helps in the wearing down of their teeth that promotes good dental health.

Vegetables that are variably assorted should also be included in the daily diet of the rabbits. You must ensure that you pick vegetables that are not laced with pesticides and should be fresh. Before you give the vegetables to the pets, you must properly wash them and should start doling them out in small proportions until you are confident that the rabbits have a positive reaction to them.

Rabbits also love pellets that you should ensure that they are in fresh condition at the time of buying them as the pets will react to stale ones by turning their noses up. The pellets must have low protein content but high in fiber and their intake should be limited as the rabbits grow. Pellets have the ability to lead to obesity and other health challenges if they have a high protein composition. Pellets that have mixture of dried corns and other treats can cause digestive issues and should not be given.

The recommended treat for rabbits is fruits that should only be given in little portions owing to their high sugar content. It is advisable to settle for the organic type of fruits as they do not contain pesticides. Among the fruits that you should consider feeding them include raspberries, bananas and apples that contain no seeds. Fresh water must also be available for the animals at all times and can be given to the pets either from a hanging water bottle or from a water bowl. Click here for rabbit and Guinea pig hay.

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